Bianca: "I have been collecting primarily plastic bottles and containers from the grocery store. Collecting plastic and being aware of my own waste has shed light on the immensity of my waste and how it affects the environment. So far this has taught me the importance of using reusable and sustainable items. I am excited to use the plastic I have been collecting for our artwork."

Josh: "I have been collecting anything interesting  that ends up in my recycling bin, and occasionally the misplaced plastic in the trash bin. This project has made me see the wastefulness of plastic, but I do see that it does produce many obscure creations, which can be reshaped in an artistic light. "

Zander: "I have convinced my parents to collect all of the red and orange plastic. Most of these pieces of plastic are caps of orange juice jugs and caps to gallons of milk. "

Sophia: "I have been collecting various orange and red plastics throughout the past month. I've found that it's fairly difficult to find a different variety of these colored plastics and I have found mainly bottle caps. In my search for plastic, I have noticed a fair amount of trash/plastic just lying around not only on our campus, but everywhere."

Taylor G:"For this project, I have been collecting plastic bags, cleaning solution bottles, and plastic utensils that myself, my family, and my neighbors have previously used. While collecting materials for this project, I have learned the over usage of plastic that we view as normal. I've stopped using plastic water bottles and only use glass or metal bottles, I've switched to reusable grocery bags, and I've switched to carrying my lunch in reusable containers or paper bags instead of plastic snack or sandwich bags."

Carly: "I have started collecting the plastic water bottles that my family uses. I've collected everything from arrowhead  to Windex bottles, and I have realized how much plastic is used for so little and how much is wasted. Though plastic is necessary for many companies, consumers should look at their effects on the environment and use, for example, reusable water bottles. After collecting plastic at my house, I have stopped using plastic water bottles completely and have been relying on stainless steel bottles."

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